Friday, July 30, 2010

Things of note.

It's been a while since I last posted, life has been busy for me! Things of note lately:

• The chicks have now been christened `ele`ele and Ke`oke`o (`black' and `white' in Hawaiian, respectively). They're doing well, and growing feathers at an astonishing rate.
`ele`ele and Ke`oke`o.
• Last Friday night I took my partially-complete mirror in to the Chabot Observatory's Amateur Telescope Maker's Workshop, to get done what I could on it while I'm here. I only have a few more grit sizes to work through before it will be ready for polishing (at which point I'm half-way done). I'm down to 17 micron-sized grit already. I'm planning to head up there again tomorrow night.

• Yesterday we stayed late at the State Fair and came home with a bunch of chicks from the hatchery there. Well, `chicks' is stretching the definition a bit, as these are about two weeks old already, so `adolescent chickens' would be a better fit. I had a pleasant surprise when the lady at the hatchery in charge of giving out chicks to 4-H or FFA kids recognized us from years past. Sure, we get chicks there almost every year, but I didn't realize we were that memorable!

Yes, my life is never quiet, is it? Even on vacation...or maybe especially on vacation...


  1. I would have named them Pa'kai and Nioi (salt and pepper)...

  2. Ha ha! That's pretty good -- I didn't think of that.


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