Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home again, home again.

Well, I have to start this post off by pointing out that I completely flubbed the scheduled post time in the post directly before this one. I'd meant it to post at 10:00 PM California time, and accidentally set it to post in Hawai`i time, which means it posted three hours later than I planned (probably about the time I finally fell asleep, though...).

Traveling to a warm location from Hawai`i certainly has its advantages -- no coat necessary, and flip-flops (er, sandals) work fine, making getting through security a breeze -- probably the quickest and easiest I've ever been through...

...followed as always by the inconvenience and discomfort of several hours of trying to fit my lanky frame into airplane seats designed for a mean passenger height several inches shorter than I am. (Ironically, inter-continental flights are better, not worse than domestic ones...the seats there are usually larger, and built more with an eye for comfort. On domestic flights of a few hours, engineers figure you can just tough it out.) But, the long and short of it is, I made it home safe and sound, and am slowly adjusting to jetlag (very slowly, as the fact that I'm posting after 11 o`clock should make clear). I should probably get to bed now...

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