Monday, April 26, 2010

Sights of spring in Hawai`i.

Wow...I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last wrote anything here. Rest assured, I am still here and have no intentions to stop blogging, I've just been really, really, busy. And when I had a brief respite, I really didn't feel like sitting down and writing. However! I'm writing now, and that's what counts.

Where to start...the main reason I was busy this week is because I had  Modern Physics homework due on Tuesday, an Electromagnetism take-home test due on Wednesday, my third and final Calculus 4 exam on Thursday, and Complex Analysis homework due as usual on Friday (which, thankfully, was moved to Monday, but I didn't know that until Friday morning).

Tuesday after turning in the Modern Physics homework I made a final push on the EM test. After the previous homework in that class, I was pleasantly surprised: it only took me 9 hours to do the last 8 problems on the test, and I got to go to bed just after midnight.
My feelings of mild happiness were quickly crushed the next morning when I handed it in, because not only did we get another homework assignment, but we got the last one back, where I found to my extreme dismay that I had made only 70%. That may possibly be the lowest grade I have ever got in college, and I was...displeased. I can only hope that the most recent test felt easy because it was and I was doing it right, not because I was doing it wrong...

Thankfully the calculus test went fairly well, small compensation for the worry I poured into it ahead of time, and as I mentioned the Complex Analysis homework was postponed till Monday. Equally thankfully, this week looks to be rather quiet, about the only big project I have coming up is finishing my paper and presentation for my project in Partial Differential Equations (which overlaps nicely with the test we have in Modern Physics on Tuesday).

Finally, in a lighter vein than recounting all my woes, I offer a sight of Hawaiian spring. Most of the plumeria trees have been blooming more than ever the last few weeks, including the one in our backyard. Here's a shot from the kitchen window, with the backyard and plumeria tree (yes, I know, our backyard is a bit of a mess...).


  1. Sorry about the lower grade! Hope the rest stay higher.

  2. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the nice pics ^_^ It's nice to see what Hawaii is like.

  3. Hang in're almost done!


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