Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

ούκ ’έστιν ‛ώδε, ’ήγέρθη γάρ καθώς ’είπεν! δευτε ’ίδετε τόν τόπον ‛όπου ’έκειτο  - Matthew 28:6
'He is not here, for He was raised, as He said! Come, see the place where He lay.'

For those of you who know Koine Greek, apologies for the pathetic accents. I thought it'd be a simple matter of opening up Character Map and picking the right symbols, but there really aren't a whole lot to choose from. There aren't even rough and smooth breathing marks! I had to use apostrophes for those. And forget about circumflex accents. Anyway, it's hard to be annoyed on such a glorious day. Happy Easter everyone!

(I also took the liberty of adding an exclamation point because the Greeks didn't have those, but I think it's certainly implied by the text.)

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