Sunday, April 11, 2010

Problems in paradise.

Hello everyone

Once again I have been too busy to write for a few days, mostly working on my electromagnetism homework that was due on Friday, for which I stayed up till 2 in the morning to finish. And then, fittingly enough as we approach the end of the semester, my new computer's wireless module decided to conk out on me yesterday. It appears to be a bona fide hardware problem, so it looks like I'm stuck till I can find someone to fix it. This morning when I turned on my old computer I thought for a while that it had suddenly stopped working as well, and was starting to wonder if I had inadvertently grown an anti-Internet aura, but thankfully a simple restart fixed the problem, else you would not be reading this post right now.


Expect fewer posts from me for a time, due both to my busyness and this. Thankfully, my new computer continues to function fine in other respects, so I can at least use it for non-Internet related school things, like working on my project for PDE's. And the take-home test for that class, and the new take-home test for electromagnetism, and…yeah. I suppose, if I can live through the end of the semester I can make it through anything, but that's a pretty big 'if' with the seemingly ever-accelerating pace of things.

My consolation for doing all this homework is that I can typeset it with \(\LaTeX\). It makes doing the work almost fun, with the expectation of seeing beautifully typeset math come out of what you do. When I have time and opportunity, I'll attach some pictures of the gorgeous results of \(\LaTeX\) typesetting from my homework, so you can see what it's like.

Finally, I'll be heading up to Mauna Kea tonight with some other UAC members since it's the second Saturday of the month. It's close to new moon, so if the weather will cooperate, I hope to get some great astrophotos that maybe I'll have time to process and show you all some day.

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