Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sound of Music

Continuing in my vein of point-by-point laptop comparisons, today I will mention the speakers on my new computer. They are amazing. I'm not very knowledgeable about such things, but I appreciate good music, and boy, do these things deliver! I've been having great fun over the last few weeks identifying new themes and motifs that I never heard before in music that I've listened to, in some cases, hundreds of times of the last few years. I think the integrated subwoofer has something to do with it, perhaps being responsible for the vibrant bass I'm hearing (one of my best friends, who's a musician, was quite impressed by the fact that a laptop had a subwoofer, so it must be good).

Today I moved over my copy of the Messiah I got for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and was blown away by all the little details I could hear. It's incredible how much a great piece of music can be improved by having better speakers. Since I typically listen to classical music while doing homework, these speakers are wonderful. I suspect it helps me remember things better, since your brain works a lot harder when it's following the interwoven counter-melodies of a Baroque fugue and doing Complex Analysis, then when it's just doing math (at least, my brain does). And that, I believe, helps forge those all-important neural connections. By such little things, the world may be moved...

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