Wednesday, February 17, 2010

General Busyness

Well, the post I wanted to write yesterday never happened, due to running out of time and having to work on homework. This post will be short for the same reason. I got my paper and USB cord for my printer today, so I was able to set it up and get it running. I haven't had much reason to use it yet, but it seems to be working just fine.

My trip to the Vis on Saturday went fine, although there weren't many people from the UAC there. Which was not a problem, because the local amateur astronomy club was there with several extra telescopes set up. Which was good, because I could not believe how many people there were up there! We probably had crowds getting up into the 70's or 80's for quite a while, and though it got quiet later on, it never completely slowed down (usually, we might have 20-40 people on any given night at our busiest).

One of the guys who works at the Vis commented as we were setting things up at the beginning of the evening on the clouds rolling down the mountain like water, and how he would like to make a time lapse movie of it some time. Well, I had my camera on hand, and as soon as everything was set up, I set it up on the balcony and proceeded to take a hundred shots over about five minutes, which I plan to put together into a really cool movie showing the clouds flowing down the slopes of Mauna Kea when I have time. It's an amazing thing to watch, and easily visible to the naked eye if you look for more than a few seconds. It happens fairly often at the beginning of the evening, when the cooling air causes the moisture to condense and move down the mountain. I'll have to see about linking to the video of it when I have time...

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