Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ka Makahiki ʻElua Kaukani ʻUmikūmāhā

That's Hawaiian for “the year two-thousand fourteen.” I'm back safe and sound, enjoying the warmth and humidity again. Despite living here for four and a half years, this is the first New Year's Eve I've actually spent in Hawaiʻi. People celebrate the New Year here with firecrackers.

Lots and lots of firecrackers.

It's been reminiscent of a warzone here for the past two days with explosions loud and soft ringing out every few minutes, the acrid tang of gunpowder wafting about on the convenient breeze, but it seems to finally be quieting down a bit now. Thankfully I was so tired last night from traveling I slept straight through the night. Anyway, I need to go finish unpacking. A hui hou!

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