Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to (Power)Bocking

Last month before I left for vacation I took my powerbockers out for a walk and discovered that one of the rubber feet (colloquially called “hooves”) was starting to crack, and that the other was rather worn down. This isn't unexpected, as they will wear out over time no matter what you're walking on, but it doesn't help that Hilo (and Hawai‘i in general) has lots of nice sharp basalt gravel lying around. Luckily they're made to be easily replaceable, so when I got back to Hilo I ordered a new pair.

They arrived this week and I eagerly swapped in the new pair. I was able to take them out the next day for an hour's walk and it felt so good be back the saddle, so to speak. I was definitely a bit rusty, not having been able to practice for almost a month, but I could feel it all returning to me pretty quickly. One of these days I really need to get around to putting up a video or something so you can see them (and me) in motion. Still, even without that it's nice to be back on my bocks! A hui hou!

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