Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pau nā papa.

Today was the last day of classes for me, which would be cause for rejoicing if it didn't mean I have nothing to distract me from studying for finals for the next four days. Well, almost nothing: the Hawaiian College End-of-Semester Party (pāʻina pani kau) is Thursday afternoon. Our class is joining with the class of my teacher from last semester to do a hula that we (our class) only started learning Monday. I'm definitely learning faster than last semester -- I think I can make it through it tomorrow without greatly embarrassing myself -- but hula is still really hard. And we guys have it easy, too...the women's part is much more elaborate and “flowery” for lack of a better word. (That tends to be true in most hula...the men's part is less elaborate and more direct than the women's ornate and complicated style. Usually the same basic motions, just done two different ways.)

To practice, our combined classes had a potluck tonight where a good time was had by all as we figured out when to go, where and how to stand, etc. I got to try warm butter mōchī for the first time -- ʻono nui loa! (Extremely delectable!) I'm not sure how to describe it...sort of a...paste? A sweet gummy...confection? Its consistency is unlike anything else I know of, sort of gummy, yet fluid, but holding a shape fairly well. It's sweet (a dessert), but not too much so. Anyway, it's good. Make sure and try some if you can when you visit over this way.

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  1. I think it's funny that butter mochi takes away some of the stickiness that regular mochi is known for. It's an adventure in texture!
    Although I've never had it warm. It sounds delicious.


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