Wednesday, April 27, 2011


by Daniel Berke 

Lightly wafting breeze the zephyrs,
Winding on their merry way,
Hot the Sun and cool the breeze is,
On this balmy Hilo day.

In other news, yesterday I stumbled across the Mutopia project. Their motto is "Free sheet music for everyone". Not only do they provide sheet music, but each piece comes accompanied by a midi file of the piece. Being synthesized music, midi can never replace instrumental music (and it can't imitate the human voice at all), but it does come pretty close, and makes for a wonderful repository of free listenings of many great classic pieces. I've been using it for something new to listen to while working on writing a paper. I've been having great fun picking new, complex Handel and Bach compositions and improvising along with them, which makes for a fun and enjoyable form of mental exercise. I'm currently working my way through Bach's Goldberg Variations. Anyway, I should probably get back to writing that paper...

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  1. I never really paid attention to midi files, but free sheet music is pretty exciting!


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