Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ke Kanaka ʻAikalima

Friday I went up to the Vis for the first time in over a month. It was great weather for seeing things, no moon, only a few thin wisps of cloud, dark skies...I could very clearly see the zodiacal light on the horizon after sunset. While I was eating dinner I had a sudden urge to have a little fun with my desert:
Yes, it's an ice cream man! (Which is all the title says. In Hawaiian.)
There was also something I've personally never seen up there before, a large group of school kids all the way from Oʻahu who came up to the Vis in two buses. Now, being in or around large groups of unknown people has always left me feeling ill-at-ease, but for some reason the effect is multiplied several times when it's public-school children. I was, I'm afraid, thankful that they didn't stay all night, but infinitely more thankful that I was never public schooled. I'd probably have gone bonkers dealing with that day in and day out, and be on drugs for ADD or ADHD or something.

But, thankfully, I was home schooled. Thanks Mom! And happy birthday!


  1. Oh, oh. Now they'll say you're not socialized enough!! And you're welcome.

  2. Nah, that's just the solitary side of my nature manifesting itself. I'm plenty sociable with small groups of people I know, as I'm sure my classmates can attest.

  3. Ever since I got into college I have been VERY glad I was homeschooled!

    Is 'aikalima a loanword?


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