Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm off to Hawai`i (again)

Well, today I leave once more for Hawai`i, off for my second year of studies. It's not much easier than last year, really. The inertia generated by three and a half weeks being home takes some serious force to move.

At least, this time I'm returning to familiar places and people rather than strange new ones, and my school schedule seems much easier compared to the hectic daze that was last semester. Tonight, the sound of crickets at night will be replaced by the sound of frogs, night will come a lot sooner (and quicker), and new constellations will rise tantalizingly above the southern horizon. The old ones, however, will still be there, merely shifted in position. The beauty of knowing the night sky intimately is that it is always there, no matter where you go.

And, thankfully, we have an understanding of electromagnetism born of Maxwell's Equations that makes communication at the speed of light possible (an incredible thing, when you think about it), so I don't have to be out of communication with those I care about any longer than I choose to.

Bring on the semester!

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