Monday, March 22, 2010


Things to do over spring break:
  • Install and start learning IRAF.
  • Check out and start learning \(\LaTeX\). In progress.
  • Brush up my (minimal) Python coding skills.
  • Check out Maxima. Did, found it to be part of Sage.
    • Download and begin learning Sage. In progress.
  • Check out GeoGebra.
  • Start learning Synfig. Started...
  • Figure out new Blender interface.
  • Figure out how to integrate LuxRender with Blender (possibly).
  • Learn how to use Avidemux (possibly).
  • Explore JavaScript a bit more (possibly). 
  • Do Partial Differential Equations homework. Started. Got stuck.
  • Do Electromagnetism homework.
  • Finish up Gravitation and Cosmology homework. 
  • Brush up on Calculus homework (possibly). 
  • Finish Complex Analysis homework. Done!
  • Fill out census form. Done!
  • Do taxes. Done!
  • Clean my room. Done!
  • Figure out class schedule for next semester. 
  • Update this blog a little more frequently. Pretty well.
  • Finish moving all my music onto my new computer. Mostly done. 
  • Check out possible scholarship/internship opportunities.
  • Get up to the Vis at least once. Did!
  • Go to the beach (if it warms up and stops raining).
  • Do various other, as-yet-undetermined, things. 
  • Enjoy life in Hawai`i, even if it is rainy and cold currently.
Oh, and sleep and eat should probably be on there somewhere as well.


  1. Thanks a lot for reminding me about taxes. :P And I also need to register to vote. Now more than ever apparently...

  2. Lemme know when you want to work on IRAF. I can give you a second brain to figure out how to install it on Fedora; plus to be candid it's been forever since I've used IRAF (mostly because it's so horrible) so I could use a back-to-basics refresher myself.


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