Friday, March 26, 2010

Homework & haircuts.

Just a short post to keep you up to date on my doings:

After nearly a full day spent doing things on the computer yesterday, I forced myself to take a break today and work on some of the homework I have due next week. I can't believe how rapidly I forget things when I'm not actively using them, ugh. I managed to get on the schedule for the Vis tonight, so I'll be up there imaging if the weather is good. I also rather stupidly decided to give myself a haircut this morning. I say stupidly not because it came out badly, but because now my head will be that much correspondingly colder up on Mauna Kea. In fact it's better than I had hoped for, although it's still a stop-gap measure till I can get a real haircut.
I don't have hair scissors, so I used my electric shaver, and since I can't see the back of my head and the only mirrors in the house are attached to things, I used my camera to take pictures of the back of my head to make sure I got it straight. Ingenuity triumphs once again! (or was that necessity is the mother of invention?)

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