Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moving House

I haven't said anything about it yet here on my blog, but I've been looking for a new house to call home since the beginning of the month. This is part of why I haven't had many posts recently, as I've been busy researching potential places. Last week I found one, this week I signed the new lease, and as of today (Saturday) I'm moving in. I'm not a very fast mover, so the move will be completed tomorrow, but so far I've got most of the important stuff (like furniture), and enough amenities to actually spend tonight there.

The chaos of moving. Pretty much all of that furniture has been moved elsewhere by now.
The place is a nice little upstairs duplex unit, higher up in elevation than where I've been living. I can see the ocean (through some houses and telephone wires), and it should have a nice unimpeded access to any trade wind breezes blowing from out across the deep blue Pacific. It's actually on somewhat of a slope, which marks my first time living up on an incline in my memory (I have the haziest of memories of living in a house on a slant in Israel, when I was merely four or five, but that doesn't really count).

One downside of moving is that the cable company apparently can't get the Internet hooked up until the 11th, so I may be somewhat quiet these next two weeks. I can always get online other ways, but blog-writing may not be high on my priority list at those times!

We'll see, I suppose. This is my first time moving on my own – it was with some shock that I realized I've lived in this place for longer than I've had this blog (I moved to Hilo from home in August 2009 to attend UHHilo, about 5 months before I started writing this blog). Anyway, it's been a long day of moving heavy furniture up and down stairs, and I have a lot of cleaning and little more moving to do tomorrow. A hui hou!

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