Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Lei Crochet

Boy, once you get the hang of it these simple crochet projects are really easy! In less than a week I've finished a second lei (it helped that I had several long meetings and presentations to sit through this week). This one is supposed to resemble a lei made of flowers from the ginger that grows wild around here, or ʻawapuhi to give it its Hawaiian name.

I can confidently state that I've learned a lot in the process of making these two lei. After the first one, I realized I'd been making it wrong; rather than producing the coiled structure by rolling the lei lengthwise, I'd actually physically attached each petal further around the central stem chain. I fixed that mistake on this lei, only to realize after I'd finished that I'd been doing my double crochet loops all wrong, and that my connection of the two ends could be vastly improved. I've got another meeting tomorrow and I'm looking forward to starting another lei, correcting those shortcomings, and putting my new end-connection plan into action. A hui hou!

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