Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Back in the Swing of Things (Hopefully)

This month has been pretty slow on the updates here on the ol' blog, and I'd definitely like to get back into a more regular, frequent update schedule. I've been preoccupied (or flat out incapacitated) by illness and a new job, but after my first full week of work I'm starting to settle in, and I think I'm finally over that annoying persistent cough from the bout of flu I had over New Year's (fun fact – fevers of 106 °F [41.1 °C] have a way of interfering with your balance, coordination, concentration, motivation, and just about everything else. They're also about as high as you can go without getting into the dangerous territory of hyperpyrexia at 106.7 °F [41.5 °C]).

On a less morbid and more fun note (I swear I didn't intend to research and write about fevers when I set out to write this post), I have the following picture – I got my name on my office last week!

This was, unfortunately, the best picture I got out of several attempts – cell phone cameras just don't quite cut it sometimes. But hey, at least you can read it.


  1. Yea for your office!

  2. It adds a nice glow, like a galaxy...

    1. Heh. Hadn't thought about it that way.

  3. I think it says "Should have bought an iPhone"....


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