Monday, August 15, 2011

Ah, the lovely rain of Hilo.

You ever get up in the morning, and get a poem stuck in your head? As I went to clean up in the kitchen after breakfast this morning it was raining, and the thought "Ah, the lovely rain of Hilo!" came into my head. After that, the poem pretty much wrote itself. It's trochaic tetrameter catalectic, I think

Ah, The Lovely Rain Of Hilo
by Daniel Berke 

Ah, the lovely rain of Hilo,
Lightly falling from on high,
Gently dancing in the streets, oh!
How I've missed you, cloudy sky.

Languidly it pelts the houses,
Roadways, people, cars, and plants,
All about it gently douses,
In its merry, liquid, dance.

Lift thine eyes up to the mountains,
Further still, the clouds espy,
Raining dew from heaven's fountains,
Blessings from the One on High.

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