Sunday, January 16, 2011


Wednesday's and Friday's I have what I think I'm going to call the Quarter-Mile Dash. This is where I attempt to run between two classes mostly almost entirely uphill while weighed down with school supplies in the time allotted, which usually comes to around 10 minutes. I can't quite tell from a map if it's exactly a quarter-mile between classes as the ʻalalā (Hawaiian crow) flies, but campus is set up in such a way that taking such a linear route would pass straight through several building, forcing me to take a tortuously twisty, winding route to my destination. At least it's good exercise.

In other news, in field testing last night at the Vis, my replacement hiking boots turned out to be a lot warmer than I expected! I was afraid that, being made mostly of leather, they'd be cold, but at the end of the night I suddenly realized that I couldn't remember my feet being cold at all. Compared to my old shoes, this is quite an improvement.


  1. Well, the cows stay nice and warm in their leather jackets while standing in the cold! :-)


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