Monday, January 10, 2011

Goody Two-Shoes.

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but all last semester my pair of hiking boots I wear on Mauna Kea were slowly disintegrating. First, the sole on the right one at the toe end came loose, flopping around and threatening to trip me whenever I walked. I taped it up with a bit of duct tape and didn't think too much about it. Then the other foot followed suit, while I was actually walking to the MKSS offices to drive up! I had to temporarily patch that one up with a bit of packing tape up at the Vis.

Then, when I went hiking the time I went and observed at Subaru, both soles decided simultaneously to attempt to detach themselves completely. I'm very thankful I had the foresight at the last minute before leaving to stuff a roll of duct tape into my suitcase. Apparently the soles in my boots have some kind of white, skeletal-looking plastic insert for support, which started coming out in the right one giving it the rather macabre look of a compound fracture. Since I hadn't brought any other shoes, I had to sit down that afternoon and attempt a home cobbling job with duct tape. The results were...odd, but workable.

Thankfully they held up for the rest of the semester, sufficing for the few final times I volunteered, but even duct tape can take only so much punishment from Mauna Kea cinder. So this semester I brought back another pair I had from California, fresh and ready to go.

And speaking of the semester, it starts Monday, along with my rather demanding schedule. I have either four or five hours of classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday's, starting at 8 o’ clock in the morning. At least it balances it out with only one class on Tuesday-Thursday's.

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