Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy busyness.

Just a quick note to say that today I found out I am essentially done with the line of work I've been pursuing for the last month. I showed Dr. Takamiya some of the before-and-after spectra plots I'd produced using my motley collection of scripts, and she was quite pleased with them. Quite. She got especially excited about the presence of two lines from sulfur in the resultant plot, saying they were very difficult to isolate from the veritable forest of hydroxide lines that surround them. She even suggested I save that particular pair for eventual publication as an example, which, suffice it to say, raised my spirits for the rest of the day.
So, being done with reducing the available data, I started work on a master list of all the spectra files I've been working with, to eventually include a picture of each galaxy we've been working on with the areas we were looking at marked and labeled. Much more basic accounting work than anything, and frankly not my preference, but 'tis such data accounting that makes up most of the work in research: only when you've accounted for every data point can you draw your conclusions at the end.

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