Friday, May 14, 2010

Jubilation and rejoicings! Finals are DONE!

Ahh, this morning I finished up my last final for the semester, in Intro to Modern Physics. This was the one that caused me the most trepidation, so I was quite pleased to find that it went very well. The last problem, in particular, was excellent. Challenging enough to make me stop and think hard about it, but nothing a good spot of concentrated mental energy couldn't handle (it was a derivation of the formula for the probability of a particle tunneling into a potential energy barrier - surprisingly simple, in the end, but some mental gymnastics on the way).

...And, best of all, I just checked online and found that I got over a hundred percent on that final! (though that means I probably totally broke the curve for everyone...shoot. I know there was an extra credit problem, but still...)

And with that...I declare this semester officially over! I'm still mulling it over, so I will probably have some musings to post in the next few days about it. In the meantime, I'd like to say thank you to my aunts Susan and Deb for the wonderful birthday presents: Susan for the awesome oratorio Elijah, which increases my slowly-growing collection of oratorios to seven, and Deb, for the incredible refrigerator-magnet Periodic Table!

Each element lovingly hand-positioned by yours truly.
 This thing is so wonderful...I hope to be able to finally memorize the entire periodic table, including the rare earth elements. My first attempts to construct a circular version of the periodic table that I've always wanted to see have met with some problems, mostly related to the difficulty in trying to construct a circle over a foot in diameter using thirty-two evenly-placed points without some sort of compass or other guidance. But that's just the start..there are so many things to do with this! (like seeing how many and what words I can make using the elements as Scrabble tiles...hey, it's chemistry and linguistics! Woohoo!)

Anyway, it's getting late, and I should sleep. Now that school is done, I can focus on other much-needed things, like mowing the lawn! A task for the morrow.

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