Friday, May 21, 2010

In Which Our Brave Protaganist Finishes His Work, Despite A Raging Head Cold

Just a short post tonight to mention the irony that right after happily proclaiming myself to be in good health a few days ago, I came down with a cold. Normally colds don't bother me much, but this one has really hit me hard. I probably shouldn't have gone in to work with Dr. Takamiya today (in my defense, I felt well enough when I went in, and then got progressively worse, especially after 2 o`clock), but on the bright side, I finished my script I've been working on and ran it on all the files it was made to work on (about 50-100 astronomical image files). I realized last night that I'd made a stupid error in writing it, and needed to compress three separate functions in it into one so it would do what I wanted it to. Thankfully, that was accomplished relatively bloodlessly, and in the process I found and excised a lot of extraneous code, and documented what everything was doing a whole lot better (for future reference). I was both surprised and pleased when Dr. Takamiya told me she was impressed by some of the expressions I'd used, which is gratifying because probably 30-40% of the time I'd spent writing that script had been looking on the Internet learning those very things.
Anyway, time to get to bed now. A hui hou! (until next time.)

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  1. Yeah, these things tend to happen when the stress-induced immune suppression is over and you "allow" yourself to get sick at the end of a semeseter...sickest I've ever been has been three separate end-of-crazy-semester incidents

    Hope you're feeling better soon


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