Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blog Post Plot

Well, here's the graph I promised in my last post. It took so long because I intended to take some features from the graphs I produce at work, but kept forgetting to copy the relevant code for perusal at home. As it turned out I only needed a little bit, and the graph was pretty easy to make once I sat down to do so. Anyway, here it is:

Click for larger version.
It's interesting to see the patterns that emerge. The early high count steadily drops around the middle of 2012, then after a little more variability seems to have settled into a surprisingly consistent alternating series of 2–3–2–3.

I really enjoy making graphs like this, iterating over and over, often dozens or scores of times, to get a graph that's both informative and aesthetically-pleasing (to me, at least). According to my terminal history, I ran the command to generate this graph sixty-two times, though of course a decent number of those time something threw an error and no new version of the graph was produced. And I'm reminded once again just how happy I am to have a job where I get to make interesting and beautiful plots—perhaps I can share some of them in the future.

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