Thursday, April 3, 2014

Water Warnings

Yesterday (April 1st) we had enough rain in Hilo to trigger a flash-flood warning for much of the afternoon (I believe the airport got something like three inches in one hour). We also got a tsunami advisory from the magnitude-8.2 earthquake off of Chile. Thankfully, neither caused too much damage (that I've heard). Hilo drains pretty well (and my house is on a slight rise compared to the surroundings), and the tsunami caused only a few feet of sea level change in the harbor. It didn't trigger the sirens and full-scale evacuation we've had in past years. Of course, I also heard there was a powerful aftershock near Chile today, so it's still possible we could get a tsunami. Nothing to do but wait and see.

As I like to say, life's never dull when you live near sea level on an active volcano in the middle of the Ring of Fire!


  1. We have water warnings on the other end of spectrum - low water warnings. The Klang Valley is on water ration!

    1. Ouch. That's no fun! This past month or so it feels like it's finally started raining more like it should, which is great after months of semi-drought conditions.


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