Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Chains and Volunteering

Though thankfully unrelated.

Last Friday I had some Snow Chain Installation Training, which was interesting because I've never installed snow chains before, never having lived any place where they would actually be necessary. Having said that, I was under the impression that it involved driving the vehicle to be snow-chained over and onto the chains with which to snow-chain said vehicle. However, the chains we have (at least for some of the vehicles) are a different design that simply engulfs the wheel like a hungry starfish engulfing a tasty bivalve. No driving involved, other than simply driving off afterwards with snow chains attached.

All of it which underscored by the fact that I have no official reasons to go up to the summit in an official vehicle as part of my job at the moment, and would be extremely unlikely to do so on a day which was snowy enough to require chains if I ever did. But at least it was interesting.

Also, tonight I went up and volunteered at the Visitor Information Station for the first time since I've been back. I could tell I needed to build up my high-altitude tolerance again! It was a beautifully clear night, though the biting wind drove most people away after a few hours (I also need to build up my cold tolerance again). An enjoyable evening altogether, though, and I got a chance to catch up on what the sky's been doing the last few months (which is hard to do with all the clouds in Hilo). I'm hoping to get back into the astrophotography scene soon as well. Anyway, I should get to bed to be ready for work tomorrow. A hui hou!

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