Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Fudge.

Today I made fudge for the first time, and am currently munching on the first-fruits of my labors. Well, labors may be too strong a word – the whole process took fifteen minutes from start to finish, tops. It turned out to be easier than I was expecting, though it was still a good learning process. Some things I learned:
  1. If a recipe includes phrases like “stirring constantly” in it, it's probably a good idea to get any ingredients that come later in the recipe ready before becoming trapped in a cycle of time-critical stirring from which you can't break away.
  2. Pure vanilla extract? Very strong flavor. Very, very strong. Discovered this after spilling a bit (due to the hasty way I was rushing to open the bottle) and idly licking it off my fingers. I'd heard that before, of course, but wasn't quite expecting that particular burst of flavor.
  3. Molten fudge has a consistency close to that of pāhoehoe lava, if the shapes it formed as it cooled and congealed in the pan are any indication. Especially so soon after my trips through the Kaumana lava tubes, I was struck by the many similarities between the rock formations there and the fudge formations that formed in my pan. Fudge: chocolate lava. Or is it lava: rock fudge? Fudge:chocolate::lava:rock? (If you'll pardon the logical formalism.)
All in all an interesting experience. Since it turned out to be so easy, and I do love fudge, I'll probably continue to make it in the future.


  1. Love making fudge. So true about stirring constantly. Your scientific skills are put to good use. (:

  2. Did you look at the fudge after it cooled on your bowl?? That's always interesting too. If you add magma (melted butter) to your basic rock (chocolate) does that make it lava or do you have to apply pressure? Can you, in fact, make a fudge tube? I'm excited to make Christmas candy now.

    I'm pretty sure vanilla extract is pretty much alcohol. Smells nice, though.

  3. I...I really, really, want to try making a fudge tube now. Oh my goodness. Thanks for the idea!

    Not sure how I'll go about pulling it off, though...hmmmm.


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