Monday, August 27, 2012

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

In case you haven't yet heard, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the surface of another world, passed away Saturday at the age of 82.

According to people that knew him well, Armstrong was a humble man who never let fame go to his head. After becoming the first man to walk on the Moon he continued to work in the aerospace industry in various capacities, even taking a position at the University of Cincinnati's engineering department. His contributions to spaceflight stretch far beyond what he was most famous for. Armstrong was a big proponent of returning to the Moon, and expressed himself rather eloquently on the subject in 2010:
“Some question why America should return to the moon. ‘After all,’ they say, ‘we have already been there.’ I find that mystifying. It would be as if 16th-century monarchs proclaimed that ‘we need not go to the New World, we have already been there.’”
Here's hoping that the wishes of this great American hero will be realized before too many more years have passed.


  1. ”I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer.”
    —Neil Armstrong


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