Monday, July 16, 2012

Transit of Venus Video (At Long Last!)

Well, I have finally recovered enough from the wonderful back-to-back combination of virulent head-cold and raging sunburn to finish my long-promised video of the transit of Venus. And it only took me over a month.

First, a quick explanation: this video does not show the beginning or end of the transit. The beginning I didn't catch because I had other duties to attend to which prevented me from getting set up in time, and when I finally did I had some unexpected problems focusing. Because of this, the video doesn't start until 2:26 PM, almost two and a half hours after the transit started. The ended wasn't captured because it wasn't visible from my location, as the Sun set behind hills to west. The last frame I captured was at 6:00 PM, about 40 minutes before the transit ended. In between I took a shot every minute, for a total of 188 frames. With that said, enjoy.

Edit (1/13/2018): Remaking and re-releasing videos seems to be all the rage these days, so I thought I'd join the fun! Actually, I was reminded of this video a while back and after watching it was dissatisfied with the quality—this was years before I started seriously pursuing video editing, and was made in Windows Movie Maker. Plus now that I've got a YouTube channel it can reside there instead of relying on Blogger's somewhat shaky video hosting abilities.


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