Monday, June 25, 2012

A Quiet, Mostly Uneventful Week

I usually try to go no more than a week between blogposts, but this week was pretty quiet for me. I was going to post something on Saturday but came down with my first major illness of the year, a severe head cold that has left me with little motivation or energy. I'm hoping it'll go away in a day or two, and I can get back to writing witty and interesting  posts. (At least, I like to think they're witty and interesting.)

The one big thing that happened to me this week is that I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started playing Minecraft. I avoided it for a very long time because of the hype and because I didn't think the idea was very interesting, but I have been immensely and pleasantly surprised to find out just how fun of a game it is. Being of the analytical turn of mind that I am, I've already identified a couple of the things that make it a great game, and will try to summarize them all in a future post. At this point, though, I should probably get to bed and get some rest.


  1. Hope you're feeling better! Your brothers beat you to Minecraft, I guess. Rest up.

  2. Get better soon! I've already been introduced to Minecraft too... thanks to Jonathan.


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