Monday, April 30, 2012

Luna Nova

Today I have a picture of a very young Moon for you to enjoy. The Moon was new on April 20 at 9:18 PM Hawaii Standard Time, and this picture is from April 22 at 7:55 PM, just 46 hours and 37 minutes later. While it's by no means the earliest you can see the new crescent Moon (people have done it less than 24 hours after new, an incredibly difficult feat), it's still a nice thin crescent in this view.

The Moon 46 hours and 37 minutes after new, seen from Mauna Kea.

This shot is actually a collage made of 5 separate images I took using a 14-inch telescope at the Vis, which is why you can see such good detail on the lunar rim. I don't really have much more to say about it tonight, other than that I need to go email it to the visiting tourist who was so intrigued when he saw me taking the images that he requested I send him the finished product, sight unseen.


  1. Nice. I can see the different pictures! Haha

  2. Yeah, I did that on purpose. I wanted to evoke the idea of an old-time collage, with physical pictures. I also got a little bored after making sure that the Moon itself blended together. =)


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